Barack Obama first lived in Chicago in 1985 and returned after law school in 1991 to work part time, teach part time and write his autobiography – at age 31.

He met his wife in Chicago and they married in a ceremony presided over by Jeremiah Wright at the Trinity United Church of Christ, where his daughters were baptized and where he attended until he moved to Washington D.C. in 2009.

The family lived in a condominium off Lake Shore Drive before moving to a 7-bedroom $1.65 million home in the safe and sedate University of Chicago neighborhood called Hyde Park that, although on the notorious “South Side” of the city, is a far cry from the battleground of

During the years before his move to Washington, Obama worked as a “community organizer,” but little is known about any impact he had organizing the community.

What is known is that Obama’s adopted hometown is suffering, as the violence in the city has turned neighborhoods into battlegrounds where gang warfare controls the streets and no one, not even a child, is safe.

Homicides in Chicago are up 72% from 2015 and shootings are up more than 88% – in the first three months of 2016, and with the hot summer months bringing people outdoors, the numbers are expected to go up.

A citizens’ watchdog site estimates that a person is shot in Chicago every 2.8 hours, as the city surpasses the total number of homicides committed this year in New York and Los Angeles combined.

But as Obama partied at the White House with a star-studded guest list of rapper Lamar, diva Monáe, and hip-hop star Jidenna, gang warfare went unabated in his adopted hometown with 64 people shot and four deaths over the holiday weekend.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff for President Obama, had ordered the Chicago Police Department to increase patrols in the most dangerous neighborhoods resulting in the arrest of 88 gang-bangers, which hardly made a dent in the violence.

One might think the president, preparing to hand off the top job in six months, could take the opportunity to go home and try to make a difference.

Instead, the Obamas announced they will remain in Washington, leasing a nine-bedroom home in a tony neighborhood for $22,000 a month rent.

Chicago is on its own.


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