WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is about to blow the roof of the entire Russia conspiracy with breaking new info that is way more explosive than any of us could have imagined.

Assange recently met with Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in a secret meeting to discuss some very crucial information regarding the Russia investigation and start to negotiate an immunity deal if he is to disclose the information.

The California Congressman recently stated that this information isn't just some rumors, it's earth shattering info that will flip this entire investigation on its head.

Assange is trying to negotiate an immunity deal for these alleged documents that he says will completely clear him of being a Russian spy.

The left and the mainstream media have been trying to push the narrative that Trump was somehow involved in the email leaks to Russia, even without any hard evidence to back it up or even a plausible reason for Trump doing something like this.

Assange has said that he can kill this narrative in one meeting, one-on-one with President Trump after he reveals what he has been coveting so carefully.

Assange must have something good or at least believe he does because, in addition to asking for immunity and a private meeting with the president, Assange has requested that WikiLeaks be granted a seat at the White House press briefings.

That's quite the ask for a bluff, which leads many to believe that this may be the actual info that ends this outlandish liberal narrative of some sort of secret Russia-Trump alliance.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Rohrabacher explained that this interview changes the entire situation regarding the email leaks and Trump's alleged involvement, so maybe it's worth the seemingly steep demands from Julian Assange.

"He has information that will be of dramatic importance to the United States and the people of our country as well as to our government. Thus if he comes up with that, you know he’s going to expect something in return. He can’t even leave the embassy to get out to Washington to talk to anybody if he doesn’t have a pardon," said Rohrabacher in the interview.

It will be interesting to see just how 'explosive' this information is and if Assange will be granted all that he is asking for. We can only hope he is telling the truth and we can put this leftist nonsense to rest once and for all.

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