Marilyn Mosby, the City of Baltimore's young State's Attorney, has been featured in the news a lot recently. Unfortunately for her, not all of the publicity is good and the latest fiasco in her role in prosecuting the Freddie Gray case is no different.

Mosby attempted to file a gag order in the case which would have restricted the public's access to information about the case and discussion of the case. Mosby's faux pas occurred, however, when she mistakenly filed the gag order with the wrong court.

Mosby reportedly filed the order in the Circuit Court, which wouldn't normally be a problem except for the fact that the case hadn't yet advanced to the Circuit Court yet; it was still being looked at in the District Court.

While the differentiation between the Circuit Court and the District Court might seem to be a confusing bit of legalese at first glance, the implications of Mosby's mistake go a bit deeper.

The gag order that Mosby was attempting to enforce would limit the ways that outside voices and experts could interact with the case in the public sphere. While the desire for justice to be unimpeded by public outcry is understandable, it's just not how things are done here in the United States. We value freedom of the press and the freedom to speak out on issues. That's why the judge turning away Mosby's gag order is good.

On another front, this is another example of someone with inexperience but a lot of emotion being forced to confront the complexities of our legal system. Mosby's experience in legal matters is practically nonexistent. However, what she lacks in experience she makes up in emotion and drive.

Unfortunately, the legal system values order, not emotion, and this is another example of that order saving the day. If emotion were simply enough to sway justice, who knows where the legal system would be. As it is, we can all be glad that Mosby's rookie mistake will let us continue to follow updates about the Freddie Gray case.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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