Immigration lawyer Jennifer Owusu-Barnieh works for Danbar Solicitors in London which published a guide to marriage by proxy and how it can be used to win resident rights in the UK

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When historians look back attempting to determine the cause of Europe’s demise, they’ll no doubt look towards Britain and Germany as the source of the continent’s eventual collapse.

Moreover, they’ll examine how those in power at the time, willfully destroyed their own sovereignty, by enacting laws that were fundamentally created against their own self-interests and those of the citizens that they were entrusted to protect.

In particular, they’ll study the absurdity of today’s leaders who created laws regarding refugees and their right to stay in countries like the United Kingdom, through legal loopholes such as “proxy weddings” where illegal aliens can “marry” any citizen within the EU without ever being present for the wedding ceremony.

This “absurdity’ has just become another reason why Europe is in such disrepair, by allowing migrants the right to live in the United Kingdom, although they may reside thousands of miles away, as long as a “proxy wedding” is performed.

The 4-year battled by a Ghanaian man has just been won allowing him to live in Britain although he’s 3,000 miles away, the lucky bride is a German woman residing somewhere within the EU.

The ruling states that Albert Awuku, 43, or his German bride need NOT be present as long as representation by family members are present and in accordance with Ghana's 'customary law’ on marriages.

The details seem somewhat suspect in that after the couple had tied the knot, their marriage was registered in Ghana, and their wedding certificate was used to gain residency within Britain. However, there were no exit or entry stamps from Ghana or the UK on Awuku’s passport to show that he actually “attended the ceremony” and he was denied entry into the country.

Until Lord Justice Lloyd Jones said: “the law of England and Wales recognizes proxy marriage if valid by the lex loci celebrationis (law of the land). “Accordingly a spouse of an EU national who has concluded such a marriage will qualify as a family member.”

Do you think that this is 100% liberal insanity?

Tell us if you want this type of liberal policy being taken by Western nations toward migrants and immigration to end now.

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