Hillary Clinton may have made a fair showing for herself in the New York Democratic primary, but that doesn't mean that she's electable. Clinton has far too many ghosts in her closet and the issues keep piling on her campaign as the FBI continues to investigate her use of a private email server to conduct classified State Department work.

The latest ruling doesn't bode well for Hillary's standings either. Two federal judges ordered that Hillary's aides be forced to testify in cases that were brought before the courts because of the Freedom of Information Act.

Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano says that the fact that these aides are being commanded to appear before the court and testify, and the fact that this order was put into place by two federal judges, makes it a sticky situation for Hillary and her aides.

"That means that the two judges have already found that there was a conspiracy in the office of secretary of state … to avoid and evade federal law," Napolitano said.

Among those aides are Cheryl Mills and the bigger fish to fry, Huma Abedin. Abedin is Hillary's right hand woman and it was recently revealed that Abedin used her Clinton Foundation connections to be paid three or four times from different Clinton entities for doing her main work for the State Department as an aide for Hillary.

But the bigger news is that Hillary is treating the entire FBI investigation as a circus, and that may very well turn out badly for her.

In a recent NBC interview, Hillary referred to the FBI investigation as a "security review." The FBI, of course, is looking at this in a much more stringent light. Napolitano said that Hillary's comments just angered the FBI, not a good idea.

"When she demeans the case, she demeans them. It’s crazy for her to do that." And, when speaking about her comments that she was looking forward to speaking with FBI investigators, Napolitano's remarks were simple and cogent.

"She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t."

h/t: Biz Pac Review

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