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For those who have followed the career of Judge Andrew Napolitano no introduction is needed, however for those not familiar with the good judge, here’s a brief bio of this extraordinary individual.

Judge Napolitano served for many as a New Jersey Superior Judge, teaches constitutional law at Brooklyn Law School, and is currently a senior judicial analyst for Fox News, and he’s also a critically acclaimed author.

Moreover his legal opinions are usually on the mark, as referenced within his analysis of how the Department of Justice seriously compromised its credibility, when it first scrubbed key parts of the Orlando shooters 911 calls, and then hours later reversed itself.

The good judge appearing on "Varney & Co" explained that by purposely taking out key evidence of terrorist Omar Mateen’s public allegiance to ISIS, the Obama Administration was "trying to rewrite history."

"They were trying to sanitize this, so as to give us, the American people, a different impression from what actually happened," Judge Napolitano said.

Napolitano also made reference to the administrations attempt to redact words such as "ISIS" and "Allah" and incorporate in their place “God” which has a more universal connotation.

The good judge also pointed out the "tragic effort" by perhaps both Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and President Obama to sanitize history.

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