It should be a forgone conclusion that one cannot go into a courtroom, all dolled up in a costume, accuse someone of a crime not have to show their face. The accused has a right to face their accuser. Judge Thomas Mueller, of the State Court in Munich, Germany agreed.

He kindly told the burka-clad Amira Behari that she (presumably a she) must remove her bed linens so that he might read her face. This was to be done as part of the hate crime charges she levied against a man known as “Kai O,” who Behari said called her an “a**hole” and told her to go back to wherever she came from.

The horror. Name calling.

Sadly, this kind of kangaroo courtroom antics are on their way here. Judge Mueller explained that he needed to see her, “otherwise there will be considerable problems in adjudicating your case.” She refused. The case was dismissed.

End of story, right? Not so fast. Behrir and her Islamo-puppet drones in the German judicial arm of their government appealed, and won!

She is going to go back to court. However, in a deftly played game of Caliphate Chess, the court has ruled that she will have her mulligan day in court, but she will have to remove her sheets.

The kicker…if she doesn’t she will get to sit behind bars.

We can only hope.

Source: Mad World News

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