Viewing this 7-minute video, one can easily see why critical thinking hard-working Americans, are fed up with the nanny state, and with those corrupt legislators both in Washington, D.C. and within many state capitals, that have used abused the Welfare System, to further their own political ambitions.

In truth this young able-bodied male is indicative of where we are as a society, the video while quite entertaining and also disturbing illustrates what seems to be a growing trend especially with those young Millenniums flocking to the Sanders campaign.

The real culprits are the legislators, those bureaucrats who exploit the political system, creating an army of young shiftless, lazy youths with little or no ambition to succeed.

In this timely episode of Judge Judy, she confronts not one but “two” individuals who take advantage of the system.

The good judge explains to the young male what the intended welfare benefits are earmarked for, which of course seems to go over his head saying; “We gave you $22,000 per year for tuition and also $450 per month toward rent and not for cars, eating or shopping,” she argues. “Do you understand?”

“I don’t want to even pay your rent, the government says we have to pay your rent so we want that money sent for rent to be used for that,” she continues.

However the “kicker” is that while this young and “SHIFTLESS” welfare cheat didn’t pay his share of the rent, his “girlfriend” who actually brought the lawsuit also hasn’t paid her share of the rent…”remarkable!”

h/t: American News



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