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There are perhaps a few dozen political talking heads and pundits on a score of news channels both on the networks and on cable, however few that have both the credentials and the passion of Fox’s own Judge Jeanine Pirro, who has the experience of a federal prosecutor, judge, political/legal analyst, and the warmth of an impassioned observer.

And like most of her loyal viewers outraged at what is taking place in America and across the globe and the reluctance once again of Barack Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the facts.

Pirro appearing on “Fox & Friends” once again in her unique “no holds barred” commentary blasted Obama’s total lack of resolve, stating; “We have a president who is an apologist. Look, I’m an amateur and in June of 2014 when I first heard about ISIS, I said bomb them, bomb them, and bomb them again. I took some heat, but I was right. They were the JV team then. If we had done something, if this president would stop apologizing for what we do and what we are and stop saying you Christians, it’s your turn, as he did at a prayer breakfast, then maybe America would be united in a way where we understand that they’re coming. They’re here, we’re next!”

Visibly emotional Pirro continued; “I’ve got to tell you, I’m as aggravated as everyone who sat in this chair today, If we have people standing in the blood of innocent victims who go for an innocent celebration, then we have got to recognize that we have a problem at the top of this country.”

Pirro immediately took her viewers through a brief history lesson, as to how ISIS became the terror organization of today saying: "Weak! One word: weak. Not connected. ... He doesn't have a plan, he doesn't have a policy. He should be in academia.”

And from my perspective, he should have been “IMPEACHED!”



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