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In just a little over three minutes Judge Jeanine Pirro dissects with precision skill Obama’s failed policies in combating terrorism.

“Brutal”? Perhaps, only to those Obama supporters, who actually believe what this guy is selling.

A more fitting definition to Judge Jeanine’s “Opening Statement” would perhaps be “accurately blunt,” in that the good judge rarely holds back in her pinpoint dismantling of this president, using both recent history and logic in framing her message, and the message being Obama’s  disturbing  and pathological obsession with taking guns away from law-abiding citizens.

The President will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to go over proposed executive orders to implement more gun control.

He wants to instill background checks for all those who buy a gun at a gun show. He also wants to unconstitutionally take guns away from everyone on the no fly list, a list that is full of errors.

Tightening up background checks is always a good idea, however there’s a thin line between checking one’s background and using that data to target and harass law-abiding individuals, similar to how this administration used the IRS in targeting conservatives.

During her Saturday broadcast of “Justice” on Fox News Channel, Pirro urged President Barack Obama to take his focus away from removing guns and instead, using guns to take down terrorists.

She said of Obama  is “dilly-dallying in the leftist political ideology” when it comes to gun control, while he should be focused on protecting Americans and letting them defend themselves”.

She continued; “Mr. President, the issue is terrorism, not mass shootings. And yet, because of a political agenda, you refuse to the biggest danger that we face. Instead of blaming guns, why don’t you start shooting terrorists?

Watch her spot-on slam of Obama below:

Source: Breitbart


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