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Once again nonsense Judge Jeanine Pirro cut through the maze, and directly to the heart of the issue; "Hillary Clinton and her husband are fundamentally dishonest, and whether or not you buy the liars' convention theme of 'stronger together,' you still have to deal with the issues confronting America."

And that was Pirro’s brutal assessment of last weeks Democratic National Convention, regardless of the hype presented by those in attendance, in that these two characters are simply corrupt and no amount of varnish can cover that indisputable fact up.

Pirro continued in dismantling the myth; "It's time to face reality and the ugly truth of the world we live in and how we're going to survive in it."

In short what the American people were exposed to was a well orchestrated and slick production of unity and competence, when in fact just the opposite is true.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton detest one another, and yet there they were embracing one another, while a large contingent of Sanders supporters walked out of the convention vowing to never vote for her.

However the biggest hustle of all is when Hillary actually began to speak about leadership and competence, while the indisputable evidence is clearly at odds by the actual events of Benghazi, and the real possibility that America’s National Security has been dangerously compromised, by this woman’s disregard of protocol, by using a personal server with no government oversight and with little regard for America’s security, combined with the willful destruction of over 35,000 emails that may have contained top-secret information, which more than likely our enemies have hacked into.

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