President Barrack Obama's controversial comments during a recent prayer breakfast has caught some serious attention, especially from Judge Jeanine Pirro, who has been known to be a staunch critic of Obama and his policies.

It seems that Judge Jeanine Pirro has seen the light. Claiming that she finally understands President Obama's stance in the Middle East, she provides a serious breakdown of the President's statements, his actions and attitude. The video above, an entire seventeen minutes and fifty two seconds of common sense on the subject, I say she has more than adequately covered all bases.

Stating that the President isn't perturbed about recent Muslim atrocities made against Americans over seas and here domestically, she delivers with multiple examples of how President Obama's behavior can now be regarded in a completely different light.

No matter what you or I may think, only 38% of Americans approve of President Obama's handling of foreign affairs. On top of that, a whopping 70% majority of Americans lack confidence in Obama's leadership against the ISIS terrorists. After you watch the video and carefully study Obama's demeanor, you'll also note the lack of emotion. You'll see with your own eyes any lack of concern, or even any display of sympathy from President Obama when talking about the horrible events that are committed by ISIS.

Obama brings up ancient history, an era from the Dark Ages when all reason was abandoned by the world. The President tries his best to actually justify the actions of ISIS by comparing them to the crusades. This should be an eye opening shock for Obama defenders and apologists. Since ISIS has labeled Jordanians, who are 90% Muslim in their country's population, as crusaders, it goes to prove that Obama doesn't see our allies for who they really are. Obama obviously sees Americans as a form of extremism in itself.

It seems like 2016 can't come soon enough. It'll be a bright sunny day for everyone when Obama officially leaves the Oval Office.


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