For those traditional conservatives who have been extremely disappointed with the obvious political biases and personal animus towards front-runner Donald Trump on Fox, take heart!

There’s one host unafraid to speak her mind, that hasn’t yet read the memo from the brass to fall in line, her name Jeanine Pirro, the fiery brunette and host of “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” who usually opens her Saturday evening show segment with a monologue that sets the tone, and lasts no longer than a few minutes.

However this time Judge Pirro gave an epic 8-minutes performance worthy of a prime time speech on all the major networks, in that it was an impassioned “fact laced dressing down” of one former Republican presidential candidate, named Mitt Romney, and by extension the entire political establishment.

“There’s an insurrection coming. Mitt Romney just confirmed it,” Pirro warned.

“We’ve watched governors, the National Review, conservative leaders, establishment and party operatives trash Donald Trump,” she said. “But Mitt Romney will always be remembered as the one who put us over the edge and awoke a sleeping giant, the silent majority, and the American people.”

Pirro continued like a Baptist minister at a revival meeting, directing her condemnation at both parties;

“We are sick and tired of legislators of modest means who leave Congress multimillionaires, whose spouses and families get all the contracts from selling the post offices to accessing insider information so they can buy property and flip it,” she said. “You’re so entrenched that you’re willing to give Hillary Clinton a win. It doesn’t matter to you which party, crony capitalism and its paradigm will not change for the elite. Let the American people suffer along the way.

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