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We’re only a few short hours away from perhaps the most important presidential debate within perhaps the last 50-years, and not since the iconic Kennedy-Nixon debates have two candidates (aside from gender), been so polar opposite in their world view of America, and how to lead and navigate this nation through a turbulent future.

Tonight’s debate will have all the drama and media hype of a heavyweight championship fight, as both camps attempt to gain the upper hand with their individual spin, attempting to move the needle ever so slowly in their favor.

Moreover Hillary as been virtually under-wraps and hidden for weeks, the spin from her camp is that she’s hitting the policy books hard and brushing up on mounds of data, however some within the media have speculated that perhaps Hillary is still recouping from her mysterious illness.

Whatever the reason for Hillary’s absence on the campaign trail, Trump has already defeated 16-seasoned and crafty politicians, to be where he is this evening.

No doubt one of Trumps biggest supporters “firebrand conservative” the honorable judge and Fox News host, the legendary Jeanine Pirro, will not only be watching tonight’s festivities, but also has some sound advice for the Republican nominee;

“Donald, it’s real simple,” Pirro said. “You’re new at this. If you are yourself, you will obliterate her like you did those 16 others on those Republican primary debate stages.

Pirro continued; “Your opponent cannot handle the truth. She can’t handle a direct question. Nor is she able to give a direct response. Do not let her do the Washington two-step. Stay on offense, without being offensive.”

However I don’t believe the good judge needs to worry, in that Trump seems to enjoy being continually “under rated” by both the political establishment and the mainstream media, while he keeps on winning, and tonight will be no different…”let’s get ready to rumble!”

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