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Once again our Second Amendment rights are being sabotaged, this time by an activist judge, who apparently puts the blame for the tragic incident at Sandy Hook squarely on the shoulders of the gun manufacturers.

These manufacturers broke no laws and followed all the prescribed state and federal laws mandated, and not on the deranged murder, who “illegally” stole the weapons after he brutally killed his mother while she slept.

Judge Barbara Bellis of Connecticut’s Superior Court apparently had a political agenda, as she ruled yesterday that the lawsuit against Remington by 26 families who lost children in the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012 can go forward, in spite of the PLCAA (Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act), which protects and gives gun manufactures general immunity from civil lawsuits.

However the judge rejected the gun companies’ motion.

The families are suing the maker, distributor and seller of the rifle, which the gunman used to kill 20 first-graders and six educators in Newtown, Connecticut, in less than five minutes on December 14, 2012. They argue the rifle shouldn’t have been entrusted to the general public because it is a military-style assault weapon that is unsuited for civilian use.

They say the gun companies knew, or should have known, about the high risks posed by the weapon, including the ability for a shooter to use it to inflict maximum casualties and serious injury.

However what this lawsuit is actually about is disarming law-abiding citizens and their right to protect themselves, no doubt this is a heartbreaking and emotional issue especially for those parents who lost their children.

However the true culprit in this sad saga is a mother who witnessed her deranged son slipping deeper and deeper into a world of insanity and did nothing to prevent it.

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