The merry-go-round continues, this time it’s another judge, with another deadline, threatening to do whatever to Hillary, and quite frankly nothing will happen, no doubt U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon is angry that his ruling has been ignored, however Clinton is being well protected.

The dust-up began when the good judge ruled that the Clinton gang (which includes Obama, Lynch, Comey and others) ignored a court order to produce documents by September 15th that proved she (Clinton), and her aides attended security training meetings, which apparently is required as Secretary of State.

Obviously nothing was produced, and Judge Leon is mad, very mad and has ordered a deposition of State Department officials, demanding they release of one-third of the 400 documents by Sept. 26 and the remainder of them by Oct. 10.

The lawsuit was originally filed by the Judicial Watch, under the Freedom of Information Act, which sought documentation regarding Clinton’s attendance at security training meetings.
This prompted the State Department to file a “motion to dismiss” which was immediately rejected by the court on Tuesday.

What’s beginning to emerge by The State Department’s slow walk on producing the documents is perhaps there are no documents to produce, in that Clinton had confirmed that she and her top assistants attended security meetings on how to handle classified information properly and how to conduct secure communications.

Hillary is doing a great job of ruining her chances of winning the election as her lies and crimes continue to mount.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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