The judge who helped write the book on how racial profiling is just utterly abhorrent (Collaborative Agreement and Community Problem-Oriented Policing) has found herself in the middle of doing just that.

Recently, Bill Clinton appointee, Federal Judge Susan Dlott, had to make a call to 911 to report that “There’s three black men with guns and masks at our house,” and to please, please, please, send more cops. Why more, Judge Dlott? Because they were black thugs and not white thugs?  Hmmm, interesting.

Regardless, the situation was most definitely terrifying. The criminals undertook a randomly violent home invasion robbery of Judge Dlott’s residence, after having gotten stoned up on some weed.

They started demanding cash and jewelry. They asked for the location of a safe. They weren’t given a location of a safe. Mr. Chesley [husband to Susan] and Judge Dlott offered them the cash that they had, tried to get them to leave,” said Lt. Steve Makin.

The thugs weren’t having that, and they proceeded to nearly murder Mr. Chesley.

The not-so-funny thing about all of this, is that her neighbor seems more concerned with herself. Kind of like how Judge Dlott was more concerned with her liberal “feelings” and those of criminals in general, than the safety of everyone else when it comes to the necessity of profiling in crime-infested areas, regardless of color and race or location; inner city, Indian reservation, or ethnic enclave.

The neighbor, Michelle Young said, that had Judge Dlott been killed, “…we would’ve lost one of the great civil rights judges of our time,”, and “It’s because of Susan Dlott that we have community policing here and modeled across the nation. She structure that agreement.”

Yep. An agreement that did not garner her a “how tragic,” “how frightening,” or “I hope her husband recovers,” from Ms. Young, but rather a kudos for tying the hands of law enforcement across the nation so nobody is called a racist.

Source: BizPacReview


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