If clothes make the woman, so does the fashion statement.

Singer Joy Villa wowed conservative viewers and antagonized the beautiful liberal people attending Monday's Grammy Awards by arriving in a tight full-length dress embroidered with the words "Make America Great Again" up and down the red-white-and blue side.

Across the flared hem was the word "Trump."

Overnight, sales of her relatively unknown 2014 album "I Make Static" reached 54,502 on Amazon, an increase of 54,350,100 percent. The album quickly soared to Number 1 on the site.

A cynic might say Villa knew that her pro-Trump stir made live on prime time TV would increase her market share. "Go big, or go home," she was quoted in the press.

Maybe it was all for show.  Perhaps not.

Filipino-born designer Andre Soriano, maker of Villas' political accoutrement, described it as a personal "tribute to OUR president of the United States."

Villa sees it as living your life free to choose and making your voice heard.

“Sometimes you just gotta be free to express yourself,” she wrote. “Thank you to all of my supporters and fellow believers. Life is about living free and loving it. Be your beautiful selves tonight!”

We don't deny it's a beautiful sentiment, considering our politically correct times, which almost guarantees Villa won't be making many more cuts under major industry labels.

It's the way of Hollywood and the music biz: Conform politically, or get out.

On the other hand, these purveyors of American pop culture are basically whores for dollars. Celebrities often are able to get away with a lot, because they are big money makers, like Hollywood's former "bi-winning" lead character on Two And a Half Men, Charlie Sheen. He thought he had nine lives, only he wasn't sure which life he was on.

Publicity stunt or not, Villa has miraculously driven up her popularity and market capital among Trump supporters, just because she made static.

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Source: Daily Wire



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