In America the title of First Lady has historically been a marginalized one. Even Michelle Obama hasn’t been able to escape some of the baggage that comes with the title.

But when Jordan’s Queen Rania marched in a parade with protesters and mourners following the death of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh she broke out of the shadows and showed what a true First Lady can do.


Leading the march of thousands in Amman, Jordan and carrying a rallying poster, Queen Rania led by example in a show of solidarity for the sad fate of the Jordanian pilot.


Following the pilot’s death Jordanian military joined the fight against ISIS and Queen Rania stood behind her country wholeheartedly.

If only Michelle Obama could put down her lunch menus long enough to take some pointers.

Queen Rania has stepped forward and shown the power and influence that a First Lady can have over the people in her country. In Jordan she comforted the widow of the murdered pilot and showed that she cared for the things that matter.

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, seems to only find satisfaction in wasting time, effort, and money on flawed nutrition programs or calling out Detroit grocery stores for not carrying enough lettuce.

If she and President Obama showed a united front in defense of American freedom and in defiance of ISIS and terrorism, who knows what could be possible. Instead, while Michelle is busy with her nutritional agenda, President Obama is too frightened of censure and failure to even call ISIS a terrorist group.

Have we come to a point where America is too weak to truly stand for what matters? Are we at the point where we need to take lessons from other countries in the world about how to be strong? If so, Jordan’s Queen Rania is first on the stage to throw down the gauntlet and show that she’s not bowing down to ISIS.


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