Operation Martyr Moaz launched against ISIS in retaliation for the slain Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, who was burned alive.

As one can imagine, the entire country of Jordan is one really ticked off nation. Amid rumors that the pilot was heavily sedated so he wouldn't struggle while soaked in gasoline and lit on fire, the gruesome execution has done nothing to further the goals of ISIS. In fact, this particular event has set them back, as witnessed in the video above.

Thanks to President Obama's epic failure in his foreign policies towards enemies of the United States, ISIS was able to take a huge advantage in seizing wide swatches of territory from Syria, establishing their rudimentary capital in Raqqa, where Jordanian Vengeance recently became focused.

Training centers and weapons caches were targeted with high precision from the Jordanian F-16 fighter jets mere hours after Jordan's King Abdullah II visited the Kasasbeh family in their home village called Aya. The King verbally declared a harsh war against ISIS, and that their revenge was far from complete.

Jordan has been a long-term friendly nation towards the United States, and an increasingly active ally in the War against Terrorism, especially when it came to supporting the efforts against ISIS. The small country is now galvanized, doing most of the heavy lifting in the efforts to eradicate the radical jihadists. While the outdated F-16s are effective, fast and accurate, it couldn't hurt for the United States to grant our allies a nice upgrade, if not a few extra racks of air to ground missiles as a thank you for doing the right thing.

In the video, which was put together and broadcast from Jordanian State Television, we can see pilots and base staff preparing the planes for take off. Angry messages are painted on the very bombs that were used in the furious bombing run. Watching ISIS losing valuable assets in both buildings, material weapons and crazy members was a very satisfying one minute forty seconds.

The effectiveness of the Jordanian air campaign against ISIS is without doubt, with an unconfirmed body count of 47 ISIS members just from one of those missile strikes. While Jordan has proven their value in the fight against a bloody ruthless enemy that makes up the Islamic State, the woefully inadequate policies of President Obama continues to be more than a political nightmare... Obama has been completely upstaged by King Abdullah II in the efforts to destroy ISIS.

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