In the waning days of the most bizarre presidential campaigns in at least recent history, pundits and commentators, as well as comedians and talk show hosts have been handed great material practically on silver platters and some of them have come up with not just catchy, but deadly accurate assessments of the candidates that may last long after the votes have been counted next Tuesday night.

Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, came up with one such memorable way to sum up the attempts of Clinton’s inner circle to dispose of at least three Blackberry smartphone used by Clinton during her term as President Obama’s first secretary of state.

“What kind of backwoods Mafia thing is this?”

McCain was probably expressing aloud what many have thought to themselves after learning of the primitive – and ineffective – method Clinton aides used, apparently in a parking lot, to “disappear” devices they obviously knew held secure, even classified, information.

The use of the word, “Mafia,” brings to mind the criminal underworld network that used ham-handed techniques to dispose of evidence.

“If somebody is destroying my cellphone with a hammer, there’s some really, really bad stuff on it,” McCain stated the obvious.

Blackberry was, by her own public admission in a televised interview, one of Clinton’s favorite devices when she served as senator from New York from 2000 through 2008, when she assumed the post as the nation’s top diplomat at the State Department.

According to released information, Clinton was upset when she learned that she would not be able to continue her use of the Blackberry in her new position, and requested that it be modified in the same manner as President Obama’s Blackberry, but the request was denied by security officials at State.

Apparently unfazed, Clinton chose to use her Blackberry contrary to the security warnings, and recently released transcripts of FBI interviews of Clinton’s staff revealed that they purchased additional Blackberry smartphones – often used – on eBay.

At some point, the smartphones were destroyed by Clinton aides in the mistaken belief that smashing the phone would destroy the data stored in it.

McCain went on to sum up the basic problem.

“This person wants to be our president – that is crazy!”


More and more people are agreeing with her. Whether there are enough of them to keep Clinton and the aides she will take with her to staff her administration out of the White House won’t be known until Tuesday night.

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