It was almost impossible to decipher “fact” from “fiction” within John Kerry’s roughly 70-minute speech, his bloviating bluster came in rapid session, that one needed to pause after almost every sentence, to carefully weed through the piles of inconsistencies and falsehoods that were dotted throughout the speech.

However it was obvious from the outset that Kerry wasn’t interested in laying out a carefully worded and factual presentation of the issues, but rather to solidify Obama’s disdain of Israel, and like a dutiful servant Secretary of State John Kerry, did his masters bidding, twisting the dagger deeper into the back of Israel with each lie he told, and attempting to erase away the historical facts and the numerous attempts made by the State of Israel to reach a peace accord with Palestinian.

And while the list of outright lies are to numerous to chronicle, here’s a list of the 10-most glaring

  1. Equating Jewish Settlements and Palestinian Terrorism. This is perhaps the most outrageous lie, in that Kerry actually attempts to draw a moral equivalency between marauding Palestinian terrorists attacking innocent Israeli citizens, and Jews building additional bathrooms in East Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.
  2. “If The Choice Is One State, Israel Can Either Be Jewish Or Democratic. It Cannot Be Both.” This comment is perhaps the most stunning of all in that the Obama Administration draws a parallel between the birth rates of Palestinians and Israelis suggesting that if Israel were to annex all Judea and Samaria, Jews would be outnumbered by Arabs; thus Israel would have to grant all Palestinian Arabs full citizenship or face status as an apartheid state. The first claim is simply false, Jews currently outnumber Arabs and will eventually have a higher birth rate, thus insuring the continuation of a Jewish State.
  3. Peace Will Only Be Realized With a Palestinian Terror State. This on it’s sheer face is convoluted logic in that the government of the Palestinians now includes Hamas and Islamic Jihad, with Fatah. These are all terrorist entities, and proxy terrorist states of Iran.
  4. “No American Administration Has Done More For The Security of Israel Than Barack Obama’s.” No doubt Kerry is delusional, this latest action by Obama is proof of the Administrations attempt to destabilize the Middle East, and change the balance of power which includes the Iran nuclear deal.
  5. Israeli Intransigence Is The Problem.Actually there have been numerous Israeli proposals for peace, in 2008, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered 94.2% of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians, another deal was offered in 2000 which Abbas refused. Netanyahu also offered to freeze settlements in 2009 and the Palestinians responded with violence
  6. Settlements Are Illegal.That’s actually false Jews have lived there for over 4,000 years, long before Palestinian was declared a state.
  7. Equating Palestinian Government With Israeli Government. No civil society continues attacking their neighbors and wishing for their extinction, the Palestinian government support terrorism as a political solution.
  8. Israel As Purported Burden To The United StatesOn the contrary Israel is a vital partner within the Middle East, and the only democracy, and shares the same values, and is strategically located within a pretty rough neighborhood.
  9. The UN Resolution Changed Nothing. Wrong again, aside from emboldening terrorism the resolution calls into question Israeli holy sites like the Western Wall including Jerusalem.
  10. The Obama Administration’s Maneuvers Help Peace. Like the Iran deal which gave this sponsor of terrorism $160 billion dollars to continue funding Jihad across the globe

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Source: Daily Wire

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