As his father contemplates arguably one of the most important decisions of his life and only months after the death of his brother, Hunter Biden, the son of Vice-President Joe Biden, has found himself in the public eye for a less than auspicious reason.

Biden’s name and email address were included among 30 million others when hackers published the private information registered on the Ashley Madison marital infidelity website.

The married 45-year-old Washington D.C. attorney and investment banker initially claimed he learned about the account when the story broke in the media as it exposed users who had registered with the online cheating service.

The Ashley Madison slogan is: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

The hack has exposed millions to embarrassment, shame and divorce proceedings as married members from all but three zip codes in the country were revealed to have been seeking affairs.

The account was registered to "Robert Hunter Biden", the younger Biden’s full name, and although it listed his birthdate correctly, the year of birth shaved ten years off his actual age.

Biden’s office immediately released a statement in which he confirmed that the email address used to create the account matched a personal one he used in the past, claiming that the account had been part of a scheme by his international enemies to discredit him.

"From my understanding through press accounts, it is very easy to set up an account without someone's knowledge as there is no requirement that an email address be verified and I am certain that is what happened in this case."

In a further development however, the Biden account information revealed it was obtained via a credit card purchase made at a GPS latitude/longitude point matching an administration building at the Georgetown University campus where Biden taught a class at the time.

Biden’s conduct has been a source of questionable ethics and embarrassment to his father in the past.

In 2014, Biden was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve after requesting and being granted a waiver for a drug-related problem in the past. Only one month later he tested positive for cocaine and was discharged, although the dismissal was not made public at the time.

Biden has also come under fire for serving on the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas producing giant, Burisma Holdings Ltd., giving rise to claims of conflicts of interest.

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