From the very beginning, Conservatives saw right through Jill Steins voter recount scam. Clearly her goal was to try to overturn the election results, or at the very least, undermine the legitimacy of Trump's victory in the presidential election, and you know that Hillary was waiting, hopeful and eager for what the recount might bring.

Unfortunately for them, it seems to keep blowing back on them way more that it is hurting Trump. Now another undesired effect is coming to light after the Michigan results came out, and you can bet Stein and Hillary are kicking themselves for ever trying this in the first place.

Jill Stein tried to push this recount movement under the guise of "voter integrity." Well, it seems that after what just happened in Michigan she may be getting just that, but it's not how she expected and she definitely didn't want this to happen.

The state House of Representatives recently passed a voter-ID bill that devote $3 million in funding for free voter cards and birth certificates after it came out that there were over 18,000 ballots cast from voters without identification.

The bill was met with heavy opposition from Democrats, arguing that the bill could take away properly registered voters' right to vote.

This of course is an irrational argument. If you play by the rules, then their should be no problems at all.

Under the new bill voters without a photo ID are still able to cast their ballots, but they would have to bring a photo ID to their local clerk's office within 10 days of the election for their vote to count.

Under the current law voters are required to show a photo ID, but they are also allowed to sign an affidavit under oath to certify their identity. This might be one of the main reasons the house pushed for this new bill when you see where this practice took place.

According to Detroit News, over half of all votes cast this way were cast in the heavily Democratic Wayne County, with over 6,000 of these ballots in Detroit.

These figures are a little fishy when you consider that Wayne County only accounts for 16 percent of Michigan's votes.

It's important to note that not only did Trump win Michigan by over 10,000 votes, well over the 6,000 questionable ballots in Detroit, but seeing as Detroit is an overwhelmingly liberal city, you can bet that there were very few of these "promise" votes that went towards Trump.

One thing's for sure, this will definitely increase voter integrity in Michigan. So it looks like Jill Stein will be getting what she asked for after all, even if that's not really what she wanted.

Please share and let us know if you think this bill is good enough or if they should have gone even farther to prevent fraudulent ballots.

Source: Truth Feed



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