Jill Stein's recount effort is completely out of control. Despite acknowledging that the recount will change nothing Stein is doing everything she can to raise as much money as possible under the guise of ensuring a fair election.

Let's not forget that although Stein is a member of the Green Party she is a hardcore liberal and this is typical liberal behaviour.

Fist she said she needed a massive $2.5 million and then she said she needed $4.5 million. After surpassing both those amounts she now is demanding $7 million and all the while liberal supporters are donating tons of cash and being fooled. This is nothing but a money grab.

Wall Street Journal writer Byron Tau reported these audacious numbers and the backlash has been severe.


America's reply to Stein's call for even more cash was not so friendly...




This clip below details Stein and Hillary's scam. It's spot on.


If Trump haters are so desperate to fall for Stein's ploy to make a quick buck then they almost deserve to be played for fools. One thing is certain. Trump is our President now and Jill Stein's bogus recount scam will do nothing to change that.

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