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The old adage “The customer is always right” is still a tried and true way of doing business and, it seems, never more so than when a slap in the face of a customer is broadcast on the Internet.

Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader are the “Lady Grey” jewelry company and Hillary Clinton supporters who apparently failed to learn the wisdom of that old saying.

The two young jewelry designers who should have valued having the successful and fashionable Ivanka Trump as a customer, felt it would be a good idea to insult her instead and are feeling the backlash after posting what they thought was a clever slam against her father on Instagram.

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Dear Ivanka,

Thank you so much for your web order!

We’re happy to let you know that the proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to the American Immigration Council, the Everytown for Gun Safety organization and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

We hope you enjoy your new Lady Grey #helixcuff.

Best, Jill and Sabine

And they just couldn’t resist letting not only Ivanka know, but the world of the Internet.

Comments immediately flooded in criticizing Martinelli Le Guyader’s lack of manners – and good business sense.

“This is absolutely appalling that a business would do this to a paying customer.”

“If I was Ivanka I’d return the product and ask for a full refund. That’s completely unprofessional no matter what your political opinion is.”

One commenter had a brilliant suggestion for what Ivanka should do with the cuff.

“Wow.  They donated a whole $20.00 to each.  I'm impressed… Glad I heard of them so I won't make the mistake of buying jewelry for my son's girlfriend for Christmas or her birthday.  Ivanka should auction off that piece of trash & donate the money to her father's campaign.  Bet it would raise more than $84.00.”

“Regardless of political affiliation, I will never order their products, and I will tell everyone else to do the same because they do not respect their customers. Disgusting people!”

Their immaturity not only cost them Ivanka’s business in the future, but it’s hard to imagine step-mother Melania, sister Tiffany or the wives of brothers Eric and Donald Jr. going out of their way to buy jewelry from Lady Grey in the future – and their wealthy friends won’t be shopping there, either.

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