Nothing is more detrimental than having a negative agenda that's bent on dividing a nation, get made into a role-model level lesson for future behavior in the young minds of impressionable black youths. Jesse Jackson has played that ugly race-card yet again, only this time it's in defense of a team that didn't follow well established rules.

Last summer, during the American Little League Championship, the Jackie Robinson West baseball team won. However, it was discovered that the team's coach used players that reside outside of the team's district. He assembled a team of dream-players in an effort to stack a clearly measured talent boost rather than teach home-resident players the fundamentals of team work.

It was a clear violation of the rules that all of the other teams have followed, and as such, the Jackie Robinson West baseball team was made to forfeit their title and have all of their wins cleared off of the board. Most importantly, the coach who organized the scheme was suspended.

Here comes Jesse Jackson and his group of frustrated parents spending time at a microphone, accusing Little League Baseball of racism. Because they enforced the rules that everyone else abides by, so the competition can remain fair.

Right now, thanks to Jesse Jackson and the knee-jerk reactions from the cheating team's parents, there is an entire host of young black men out there who got a critical school lesson. It's okay to cheat, win because they cheated, and when they are caught, cry racism! This is an abject moment of horror, where a society should be properly teaching their youth that it's not permissible to cheat. That breaking the rules and getting caught means you're going to get punished.

What Jesse Jackson has truly done, is to teach an upcoming generation of young black men that rule breaking is avoided by crying racism. These boys will carry that example to the next step in the ladder. Laws are also rules of society, and if the little rules can be broken without punishment, why not the bigger laws? Why not beat up that guy down the street? Why not rob that store? My entire baseball team cried racist and got away with it, why not now?

Bad behavior is easily taught by example, and those children pick up those evil traits with ease. What we really need are more black role-models who focus on doing the right thing, providing an example of how not to break the rules, and if somebody is caught doing something they shouldn't, there is an expected level of punishment for such behavior.

Jesse Jackson has failed the Jackie Robinson West Little League baseball team with what he did. In turn, the parents who blindly follow Jessie Jackson has also failed their children, displaying a wanton disrespect for established authority. With that in mind, it will be a miracle if those children can find their way back to an honest path in society. We can only hope that men like Jesse Jackson fades into the background, never to be seen or heard from again.  At least for the sake of the children.

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