The ax man cometh in the guise of one Jeff Sessions, the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney General tasked with chopping away at wasteful spending on government programs from the Obama administration.

On Monday, Sessions cut the National Commission on Forensic Science, a Obama legacy which sought to establish uniform forensic standards nationwide.

The move follows on the heels of Trump's March 13 executive order calling for a "plan to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies."

Trump, in other words, has put the federal government on an extreme low-expenditure diet, and has given taxpayers some relief.

According to Bizpac Review, the changes announced by Sessions are part of a "larger shifting of Department Of Justice priorities under the so-called Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, which has modified or reversed several criminal justice initiatives started by the Obama administration."

Sessions, added Bizpac Review, announced that DOJ would "review the use of consent decrees, negotiated by his predecessors, that implement stricter oversight of local police departments by the federal government.

"Local control and local accountability are necessary for effective policing. It is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies,” Sessions said.

The National Commission on Forensic Science was created by Obama in 2013 as a way to set uniform standards for forensic testimony. The ostensible goal was to ensure "fairness" for people accused of having committed a crime.

Critics of the the commission program saw it as just another example of the Obama administration seeking to expand the role of government through a process that was tantamount to racial gerrymandering in forensic testimony.

The problem, however, is there can never be a single set of forensic standards applied to all circumstances due to the many different variables that exist in each case.

Nobody knows which rules to apply in a crime scene better than local police departments and local detectives trained in the latest forensic techniques.

Sessions just put the brakes to a wasteful and unnecessary Obama-era program whose only purpose was to increase government overlay on activities that are best handled at the local level.

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Source: Allen B. West

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