A Christmas Eve interview on CNN provided candidate Jeb Bush with an opportunity to compare and contrast Republican rival and frontrunner, Donald Trump, and likely Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic candidate in the 2016 presidential election, and Bush passed.

CNN host, John Berman, asked Bush, the former governor of Florida and scion of the Bush family, whether he thought Trump or Clinton would make the better president.

Bush deflected and seized the chance to comment on former Secretary of State Clinton instead. “I don’t think Hillary Clinton’s gonna be elected president of the United States. She’s not trustworthy and her proposals aren’t much better.”

When the interviewer pressed for a response to the question, asking which candidate Bush would support in a hypothetical Trump versus Clinton race, Bush did not answer, instead providing insight into interview strategy.

“No, I’ve learned not to answer questions. That’s one of the things you do now in political discourse. You answer what you want to say.”

The exchange follows a confrontation between Bush and Trump during the Republican debate held Tuesday night in Las Vegas during which Bush called Trump “a chaos candidate” and Trump ridiculed both Bush’s toughness and standing in the polls.

The CNN interview also comes as rumors swirl around the Bush campaign that the candidate, currently polling at 4.4 percent in the RealClear Politics Poll Average compared to Trump’s 35.1 percent, is considering backing out of a pledge to back the eventual nominee of the Republican party in the 2016 election.

The reports were confirmed by a senior, but unnamed, aide in the Bush campaign.

Trump has not only pledged to support any GOP nominee for the presidency, but has promised not to run as a third-party candidate if he fails to win the nomination at the July convention in Cleveland.

A third-party candidacy by Trump is seen as a recipe for disaster for the Republicans, as he would draw significant voters from the party’s nominee, thus likely throwing the election to the Democrat nominee.


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