Journalist Jason Riley shocked crowds when he recently appeared on Fox News. They were discussing the racial tension and the belief that police are using excessive force against members of the black community, but Riley, an African-American himself doesn't think racism is to blame.

Riley stated that while there is excessive force being used by police on members of the black community, it doesn't stem from racism, instead it comes from members of the black community committing over half of the murders in this country. Riley suggested that if the crime rate and perception of black males is to change, then the behavior of the community needs to change, and that's not something Obama, Sharpton or Holder will do because, ". . . they have a vested interest in pushing a false narrative, which is that racism is an all-purpose explanation of what drives what’s wrong in black America."

Riley was correct in his statement about Obama, Sharpton, and Holder. All three of them have something to gain from having racial tension in the country. Sharpton has made hundreds of thousands of dollars from his racial racket by practically blackmailing companies into paying him hush money so he won't hurt their businesses by protesting them. Obama and Holder have gained their seats through racist political theater. During both of Obama's campaigns for presidency it wasn't uncommon to hear that if someone didn't support Obama they were racist.

The problem with their unwillingness to face the real problem head on, is that they are enabling the black community to continue down the same path. By saying the problem isn't behavioral, but instead is based on racism, the crime rate will continue to climb in the black community, only creating more tension with the police forces. Constantly playing the victim card doesn't help anyone, and it certainly doesn't help to create the kind of change that is needed to fix the real problems. The racism narrative has been abused and needs to be retired and replaced by facts if any improvement is expected.


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