Pakistani women hold Japanese flags to show support for Japan during a rally in Islamabad

Worldwide, the number of people who are being radicalized by Islam is rising. Cases are popping up in Colorado, Great Britain, Australia, and others.

In addition to spreading the Muslim religion, Muslims are also immigrating into European countries in droves, causing identity crises in France, Germany and other countries who haven’t figured out how to balance the huge influx of Muslims.

Japan, however, has quietly implemented tactics for some time which prevent radical Islam from gaining a hold in the country. Initially this statement might be surprising because of Japan’s economic success and the fact that many immigrants go where they can be employed.

But Japan has enacted strict laws that limit the immigration of Muslims.

To start, Japan doesn’t allow the preaching of Islam for conversion. That means no proselytizing or engaging in any behavior that would appear to proselytize Islam.

Japan also limits the number of mosques that Muslims can erect and instructs Muslim men that they should pray at home.

Additionally, Japan is generally strict on hiring foreign workers to do work that Japanese employees could do just as well. This means that only a few Muslims are allowed in the country for work visas and even then those Muslims aren’t outspoken about their religion.

Japanese have a strict, nationalist pride that would infuriate liberals in America. They question the viability of Islam as a religion and generally think it a silly religion.

If America were to adopt any one of these practices liberals in our own country would call us out for abusing human rights. However, Japan prohibits human rights organizations to form which would argue for Muslims. They don’t even give them a voice.

While that seems a drastic step, it has shown its merit through the fact that only a few Japanese have converted to Islam and even fewer have been radicalized. Perhaps America, the land of the free, could take a page from Japan’s book and limit the freedoms of people who come here just to misuse and destroy those freedoms.


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