Japan was once a nation to be feared. In fact, they attacked us back in the 1940s and drug us into World War II. It was a long and bloody battle, and it did not end well for the Japanese people.

However, in the decades that followed the nation came to be known as a land of tranquility. The Japanese culture resonates around the world as a demonstration of a peaceful and welcoming people.

Their generosity, when it came to the Muslim asylum seeking plague devastating the world, was met with the same kind of violence that the EU is experiencing. A 30-year old woman was raped by two Turkish Muslims.

Japan had only admitted 27, so 7.5% almost immediately proved themselves to be rapists. One of the rapists was all of 16-years old, and the other 22. They claim they did not force themselves upon her. Well, of course they said that. Rape is what they do.

It is not a matter of ignorance. It is their choice to behave like this. It is not like it is a secret that the rest of world is not operating in a cess-pool of gang rape.

This story, while tragic, is important because it also demonstrates that it is not just Syriam Muslims the world needs to be concerned about. These were Turkish Muslim men. It is Muslim refugees in general.

This is part of their inbred evolutionarily stunted lifestyle. Japan made a serious mistake and a young woman paid the price. It is time for the Japanese people to rise up and say “Muslim Go Home.”

Source: Conservative Tribune


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