What happened to Japan not allowing Muslims? Remember their anger and promised retaliation for the beheading of their own? Is their means of dealing with that horror similar to Obama’s and welcoming them in?

Why, yes it is. The nation of Japan allowed 27 “refugees” into their country. Those poor widows and children included a 22-year old and 16-year old of the male gender. Guess what they immediately got down to the business of doing?

A two-on-one gang rape of a woman. Isn’t Omar Pinarbasi, the 22-year old, the picture of non-violent peace and gratitude?

He and his 16-year old buddy are the picture of filth.

They were caught in the act, and arrested. Pinarbasi claims he did not “force myself upon her.” Sure you didn’t.

That is why she was drunk and you robbed her after you got done forcibly using her. After all that is what any good gentleman does. He follows a woman into a bathroom, rapes her, and robs her.


So, this is what we can expect. Two out of twenty-seven is 7.4%. That is not a low number by any stretch. We don’t have that many perverts living among us now. Those types of crimes are relatively rare.

Well, not exactly. We have a president raping the entire nation. It only stands to reason he would want to bring in more of these types of sub-humans and take pity on them.

Source: Mad World News

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