James Woods, the notoriously outspoken actor, has recently pointed out what most of America has been saying. Obama ignores the plight of Christians. Syrian refugees of the Christian faith have been ignored by Obama and media alike, but it is the recent event at Umpqua Community College in Oregon that has really driven this point home.

Sadly, James Woods is dead on the money with his assessment, and he went so far as to point out another interesting fact--the mainstream media (MSM), in lock-step with their puppet-master Obama, refuse to acknowledge Christians and the violence being waged against them.

In a series of pointed Tweets, Woods had this to say:
“NY Times writes a front page story about a hate massacre targeting Christians without using the word Christians.”

As we, and James Woods know, Chris Harper-Mercer, the murderer who, last week, killed nine and wounded seven at the Oregon Community College, was targeting Christians. He went on to add that;

“If it is determined that the Oregon shooter targetd Christians, specifically, that’s the last we will here of it on MSM.”

Will Obama go sing ‘Amazing Grace’?, asks Woods. We know the answer—NO.

“Hate crime massacre of Christians finally silences Obama. #LiberalLaryngitis.”

However, Obama’s and the media’s silence, to Christians and those respectful of Christians, is utterly deafening.

Source: CNS News

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