Alan Schulkin, Commissioner of Board of Elections, New York City came to that sad conclusion about the reality of voter fraud under the liberal policies of his city that don’t require identification to obtain a paper ballot.

While those good intentions may stem from a genuine desire for people to participate in the electoral process in an effort to foster good citizenship, everyone knows where good intentions can often lead.

In every state, a form of identification with a photograph is required to drive a car.

Buy a pack of cigarettes.

Buy a drink in a restaurant or a six-pack in a liquor store.

Obtain a license to get married – or go hunting… or fishing.

Open a bank account.

Cash a check.

Donate blood.

Be admitted for care to a hospital.

Claim a package at the post office.

Check your bags at an airport.

Apply for a job.

Check into a hotel.

Rent a car.

Buy a gun.

But when a woman clad in a black head-to-toe black burqa presented herself at a polling place in New York City and simply asked to vote – no identification was required.

In fact, the woman gave the name Huma Abedin to the poll worker, who apparently did not recognize it, and when the name could not be found in the voter registration file, she was simply told she would have to use a paper ballot, rather than a machine.

When pressed, the poll worker reassured, “You can still vote without an ID, you’ll just have to use a paper ballot.”

The interaction at the polling place was filmed as part of a Project Veritas undercover video to capture the inherent problem with liberal policies that allow voting without proof of identity – anyone can present themself at a polling place, use a false name and be allowed to vote, possibly multiple times.

The video also featured concerned comments from Schulkin about the very real possibility of women posing as Muslim and using the traditional burqa to disguise their identity.

Schulkin acknowledged that it is impossible to verify identity in that case.

In a final attempt to draw attention to the fake identity, the woman posing as Abedin said, “OK, I’m going to call my husband, Anthony,” but that didn’t register, either and the poll worker merely invited her to come back later to vote.

Abedin, of course, is the top aide to Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton who has been in the news since her husband, Anthony Wiener, was caught up in yet another sexting scandal, which led to revelations that Abedin may have lied to the FBI about official emails on her laptop computer.

Apparently in New York City, you can be anyone you say you are and that’s enough to allow you to cast a vote – or two.

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