“I don’t have the right to any other view… my only emotion is gratitude, literally, for my life.”

(Jack Nicholson, Actor)

Raised with the help of his grandparents, Jack Nicholson expressed his deep feelings for the choice his mother, June Frances. On the proverbial eve of deciding to abort her son, she opted instead to give birth. She was a 17 year old girl who found herself with child, and on her own, and to this day Nicholson does not who his father is.

In an age when an un-wed mother was almost unheard of, the late 1930s, June’s parents took baby Jack in. He was raised in their home, believing June to be his sister, when in fact she was his mother. It was not until her death, in the 1970s, that Jack learned the truth.

Nicholson goes against the flow when it comes to his Hollywood cohorts. He is vehemently pro-life and he says he owes his life, literally, to his mother for giving birth to him, and his grandparents, in particular his grandmother, for raising him.

Jack Nicholson is a wonderful and talented man. He is an Academy Award winning actor, and yet, in all the glamour and glitter that comes with such as life style, in regard to the precious brevity of life, he is extraordinarily humble.

The irony of his view cannot go un-noticed. It is profound that we have come to a point where people are thanking their mothers for “allowing” them to be born. As opposed to mothers being thankful they are pregnant and are a vessel for a new life, and being eternally grateful for the blessing of being able to bring that new life into the world.

Instead, we have become a nation of mini-empresses so full of themselves that they lack any sense of humility as to the laws of nature, and have an unbelievable incapacity to nurture. The feminist movement has always gotten it wrong; women are not the weaker sex needing to be lifted up out of oppression. Quite the contrary.

Women are the most dangerous creatures on the planet, particularly when pregnant because they have the power, to give and take life at will. It is their "choice."

Source: QPolitical

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