Yellow crime scene tape still cordons off part of downtown Dallas and the funerals for five police officers assassinated by a Black Panther who said he wanted to “kill whites and cops, especially white cops” have not even been scheduled.

President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and former president and native Texan George W. Bush, who also served as governor of the Lone Star State, will arrive in Dallas on Tuesday for a gathering to help the city begin to heal.

Twelve officers from the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit were fired upon from a high vantage point within a downtown-parking garage; five died while another seven are recovering. Two civilians were also wounded.

But it isn’t too soon for an Ivy League university professor to add salt to the wounds with inflammatory rhetoric at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Prof. Russell Rickford made the outrageous charge that the Fraternal Order of Police is, in fact, a terrorist organization literally on the same level as ISIS or Boko Haram.

Now, as residents of Dallas come together regardless of their race or background over the deaths of their police officers, Rickford says police are committing genocide.

Cornell University, in upstate New York, charges $70,000 per year for tuition, and only 7 percent of the student body is comprised of African-Americans, but that doesn’t seem to bother Prof. Rickford who also called for an end to capitalism while speaking on the leafy, aristocratic campus where he preaches from his ivory tower.

It is not the first time the professor, who has a master’s degree in black radical tradition and black political culture after WWII” according to the Cornell University website, has made a shocking statement.

He has advocated ending the observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because it is “a tool of the far-right imperialists to appease people.” 

He has also told white students they should commit “race suicide” to make amends for slavery in America’s history.

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