Remember back a year or so when everyone was up in arms about the Confederate flag? Of course you do because it was one of the most popular and trending new stories of the time.

People across America seem to want to erase history and repaint the blank space with a glossy, neat version of things that ignores ugly truths of the past like slavery, treatment of Native Americans, voting disparities, and other issues that aren't politically correct to even mention today.

As part of this short-lived tradition, Harvard Law School is changing its familiar crest because the seal "echoes of slavery."

If you're unfamiliar with the crest, it is in the form of a shield with three bundles of wheat tied with white ribbons. On the top of the crest is a Latin word, Veritas, which means truth.

The Harvard crest did originate from a slave owner. Isaac Royal, Jr. was a rich plantation owner who gifted Harvard the first funds necessary to fund a professorship of law in the college.

Apparently some professors came to Harvard's leadership team and requested the change. In response, the School "agrees with your judgment and the recommendation of the committee that the Law School should have the opportunity to retire its existing shield and propose a new one."

That's fine and well. Harvard is a private institution which has the ability to propose whatever logo or branding it feels best reflect its goals.

What isn't fine with this move by Harvard is the continuation of a trend of myopic political correctness that chooses to only see the bad reflections of history in a modern context.

Yes, America had slave owners. Yes, much of the wealth and status of slave-owning Americans was derived from the work of their slaves.

But we overcame that evil as a country. Shouldn't we be allowed to learn from our mistakes and recognize them as mistakes, instead of glossing over them as if they never happened?

Forgetting the past is only asking for it to be re-lived.

h/t: Breitbart

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