Ivanka Trump has woman across the country taking to social media to show that they are big supporters of President Trump and it is causing a huge stir.

The images are of women all wearing Ivanka Trump designed clothing to show that they have President Trump's back.

While there are styles of all kinds on display, the most popular clothing item being worn is a one piece swimsuit that proudly says 'Make America Great Again' on it.

While there is no official hashtag yet many of the women are tagging their Ivanka Trump fashion photos with '#womenfortrump,' '#ivankatrump,' and '#hillaryforprison' to name a few.

Some anti-Trump retailers such as Nordstrom dropped Ivanka's fashion lines when Trump won the Presidency but that hasn't slowed sales of Ivanka Trump's clothing in the slightest.

Athlete Lindsay Vonn has joined the Ivanka's pro-Trump movement

This trend has been ramping up over that last several months but has clearly kicked into overdrive as more and more woman are clearly tired of the constant attacks from the liberal media and taking to social media to show that they support President Trump.

This movement that shows no signs of slowing down in popularity is a true modern day grass roots movement that shows that American woman stand with President Trump in the face of the medias unfounded obsession with Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

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