On November 4th, Americans ousted the Democratic Senate in favor of anti-spending, anti-Obamacare Republicans. Unfortunately, fired Democrat Senators still hold voting power. No longer accountable to their constituents, these lame ducks still have the ability to pass bills Americans are vehemently against.

Lame duck senators shouldn't be allowed to anything, except keep the bare essentials of government running. But, loosing Democrat Senators aren't going to transition out of government quietly. They're going to try and spend your money. The federal government is poised to run out of money on December 11 and will shut down unless new funding is approved by Congress. But, instead of approving just enough money to get through a few more months, lame duck senators want to approve nearly a year's worth of spending.

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, is pushing a spending-spree omnibus bill that includes billions of dollars of funding for so-called Ebolacare, warfare against ISIS, and a global climate change fund. If the bill passes, the government will be locked into the spending until September 2015. Republicans need to say no. The GOP can't be tied to Democrat-style spending for another nine months. The omnibus is too expensive to pass, it's not what voters want, and it will cripple the Republican's bargaining power come January.

The GOP has serious work to do in January and they need all the bargaining chips they can get. Refusing the omnibus would empower republicans to finally take an axe to Obamacare and to stop funding for new Obamacare regulations.

Republicans need to send the same message to Democrats that voters did weeks ago: you're fired and you no longer have access to the company credit card. Spending season is over, but lame duck hunting season is open.



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