Did you know President Barack Obama skipped Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral? Sure he showed up, coffin-side, for a photo op.

He paid his “respects” in a moment of silence, and his wife looked up and away as she seemingly could not be bothered.

Then again that was par for the course since other than nice dress now and then the thought of being classy eludes her.

Italian-American are not happy with Obama. Scalia is one of their own. According to the New York Post, “The president’s absence at Justice Scalia’s funeral is a slight to the Italian-American community,” said Neil Mattera (President-Columbus Alliance).

Another Italian-American, an actor, said something along those lines as well; “Historic firsts are important.” He went on, “Justice Scalia was the first Italian-American on the Supreme Court.

It would have been nice if the president of the United States would have recognized its importance to the community.”

President Obama is incapable of such leadership. Scalia didn’t go around beating up white people, killing cops, defecating on the flag, or building fake clock bombs.

As such, he doesn’t rate when it comes to who Obama is going to show respect for. Obama is a thug worshipper, and an American-ophobic.

While Obama sat home canoodling with Michelle, he sent his stooge, Vice President Joe Biden as a substitute. The White House Press “Jokester” Secretary, Josh Earnest feigned innocence. Biden’s “security footprint is a little lighter.”

If we understand this correctly, even when it came to a funeral for one of the nation’s greatest men, President Narcissist made it all about himself. Why is this not surprising?

President Obama clearly has no love lost for any American who does not worship at his feet, and certainly not a conservative Supreme Court Justice.

Italian-Americans are right to be angry at him for his ethnic slight. All Americans are right to be embarrassed, yet again, by the man the stupid half of the nation elected to the highest office in the land.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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