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Belgium is under attack. It is a “black day” for the nation, says Belgium Prime Minister, Charles Michel.

“What we feared has happened to our country and citizens in the form of violent, indiscriminate attacks.”

“Our first thoughts are for the victims and their families and for the citizens still waiting for news about their close ones.”

What we know at present is that today, March 22nd, right around 8am, the American Airlines terminal at the Belgian International Airport, suffered a double suicide bombing attack. The check-in area was filled with the screams of radical Islamist Arabic and gunfire. At the ticketing counter, either American Airlines or Brussels Airlines, the terrorist blew himself up. Not too far away, at a Starbucks, a similar attack unfolded.

The dead are being reported across the airwaves a numbering 31, with dozens wounded. The terminal was effectively blown apart, with victims’ blood flooding the floor, as people raced to escape the nightmarish chaos. A baggage security handler, Alphonse Youla, said, “I say people lying on the ground with a lot of blood who weren’t moving anymore.

The death toll is climbing as more details are released.

“It was apocalypse,” said employee Sami Derrouich.

This was eclipsed around 9am, where not far of the European Union headquarters, the Maelbeek metro subway train station was attacked in similar bombing fashion.“Suddenly we heard one big explosion. All the lights went out, “said departing passenger, Magaly Szalay.”

There, over a dozen were killed with at least 55 wounded. Video footage shows passengers departing trains following the attack, with terrified children screaming.

These attacks are believed to be in revenge for the capture of Salah Abdeslam, one of the masterminds of the November 2015 Paris, France terror attacks that left 130 people dead and dozens injured. United States officials are reporting this to be the work of ISIS.

Right now, things are very fluid and chaotic and news will be updated as event unfold.

The war on terror and ISIS is only beginning and the sooner we acknowledge it the safer our nation we will be.

Source: Fox, Sky



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