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If there’s one nation that has lived under the constant threat of fundamental evil it’s the nation of Israel, since it’s founding the Jewish State has lived with the daily threat of extermination from a fanatical Islamic enemy as determined to obliterate them from the face of the earth, as the Nazi régime itself.

However this time the only true democracy within the Middle East is not alone, in that we share a common bond, unshakable in spite of this anomaly known as the Obama Administration, the Jewish people and the state of Israel stands with America.

Sunday evening the State of Israel in the wake of their own recent terrorist attack in Tel Aviv honored our victims in a beautiful heartfelt tribute for those who lost their lives in Orlando.

The beautiful brief video footage captures the illuminated images at the Israel City Hall in Tel Aviv of the American flag, the Israeli flag, and a rainbow flag which has become the universal symbol within the LGBT movement.

There’s little doubt that this administration for almost 8-years, has purposely created a wedge between the two governments, however as stated Obama is an anomaly who will soon (thank goodness), leave the world stage, and that hopefully both our nations can finally get back to true governance without the distraction of a politically motivated progressive and very dangerous agenda, that threatens us all.

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