As yet another indication that President Obama’s policies in the Middle East are failing, Russia has revealed that it will lift the arms embargo to Iran with the sale of advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles.

The move by Putin signals his disregard for Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the ongoing nuclear weapons talks with Iran that have extended beyond two deadlines only to have achieved a “framework” that neither the U.S. or Iran can agree upon.

The action forces Israel into the position of deciding whether to act on what it has called its “red line,” to prevent air defense and anti-ship missile systems from becoming operational.

The Russian system is capable of launching two kinds of missiles, eight to each battery, and is outfitted with multiple radar control. It is highly mobile will be an upgrade for Iran, which has a capable air and missile-defense system in place.

Although some analysts believe Israel will only take aggressive action against Iran if it is threatened with an imminent and direct threat, the lone democracy in the region is also aware that Iran is quickly moving to the point where a military attack by Israel is no longer possible.

When equipped with the Russian missiles, Iran’s defense may prove to be virtually impenetrable by any weapon other than stealth aircraft and cruise missiles, which Israel does not have at the present time.

The Russian missiles will significantly strengthen Iran’s weak air defense, in effect taking Israel’s option of waiting to take action against Iran, speeding up the timetable for a decision.

Putin has positioned Russia in a win-win position by at once supporting Iran’s dependency on it and undermining the talks aimed at limiting Iran’s development of nuclear weaponry.

The fact that the sale and its timing serve to make a mockery of Obama and Kerry can only be seen as an added value to the Russian president.


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