Perhaps the guidance systems in Russian military aircraft are a bit wonky? 

Or maybe this recent happening with Israel was just an exercise in Russia letting the world know that they do have ears and yes, they work.

For whatever reason, a Russian military jet strayed into Israeli airspace. However, unlike what happened with Turkey, Russia came out alright.

According to Israel’s’ Defense Minister, Moshe Yaalon, a Russian jet encroached roughly 1-mile into Israeli airspace, but it is mutually viewed as having been a “mistake.”

Russia and Israel have an open-system of communication in place given the Russian incursion into Syria, thus the incident was immediately remedied without incident.

“Russian planes don’t intend to attack us and therefore there is no need to automatically, even if there is some kind of mistake, shoot them down,” said Yaalon.

Did ya’ hear that Turkey?

We did.

Loud and clear over here in America.

Russia isn’t planning to attack you or anybody else other than those that get in Asaad’s way, in Syria (which is a discussion for another day).

Heck, we've had to run off the Ruskies ourselves recently, but we certainly didn't blow them out of the sky.

Of course, the flip-side is that Russia actually does this thing called “communicates” with Israel to let them know they will be within close proximity to their sovereign airspace.

"Just as we don't interfere with their operations and we don't get involved, as a policy, in what is happening in Syria, they also don't interfere with us flying and acting in accordance with our interests," said Yaalon.

It is no secret that Israel and Syria dislike one another.

Perhaps, Putin’s crew should consider letting Erdogan’s fellas know when they will be flying along the Turkish border. 

Just a thought.

Then again, maybe they did. Who knows.  

They certainly could let the USA know.

What we do know is that Turkey is now going to be paying the piper when it comes to their little sortie with the Russian Mig in the form of economics; termination of visa-free travel between Russia and Turkey, stricter security measures on Russia’s part with respect to all things Turk, a termination of labor contracts come New Years, and some bans on goods.

Looks like Russia got the better end of that deal, and Israel is not the trigger happy nation-state we are led to believe.

Source: CNS News


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