Israel has just pledged $1 million to help Houston's Jewish community rebuild after the devastation caused by hurricane Harvey.

"Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett says in a statement that the funds will be earmarked to help the 60,000-strong community repair and rebuild schools, synagogues and a community center damaged in the storm and floods," according to Fox 32 Chicago.

"For years the Jewish communities stood by Israel when it needed their help; now it is our turn to stand by Houston's Jewish community," Bennett said in the statement.

A million seems to be the magic number for hurricane-ravaged Texas. President Donald Trump recently pledged $1 million of his own money to ai recovery efforts throughout the state.

The Category 5 storm caused tens of billions in damage, displacing over a million residents and leaving many communities without water or electricity.

Israel's generosity might be considered unusual after former President Barack Obama's "back-stabbed" America's ally in December by refusing to veto a UN resolution that condemned Israel's settlements on the West bank.

With Trump as president, things have certainly changed.

Do you think $1 million is sufficient to complete recovery efforts in Houston's Jewish community?

Source: Fox 32 Chicago

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