Radical Islam and Shariah Law has met its match, and her name is Pamela Geller! Organizing a counter rally that was joined by thousands of other freedom loving Americans last month, they stood united with their very actions when they counter protested the 'Stand with the Prophet' event in Garland, Texas that was hosted by the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR); a front group that is funded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pamela Geller isn't afraid to stand up for free speech. Groups like CAIR do their best to reinforce their terror-ridden agenda, using recent events such as the Charlie Hebdo slaughter and the Copenhagen shootings where Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks was targeted for drawing Mohammad in a satire cartoon, as a driving force in their efforts to subjugate anybody else who doesn't share their beliefs in Islam.

In an act of supreme bravery, Geller is organizing another event called 'Draw the Prophet' where artists who aren't afraid of Islamic Radicals are going to show up, use their canvass and brushes to exercise their 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech power to express how they feel. Naturally, this event will require a ton of security, as the United States isn't without its own growing infestation of Extreme Islamic criminals who feels justified by killing artists for doing what they do best. Merely draw a cartoon. According to any jihadist nutcase out there, that's a good reason to kill people over.

Any Right of the People not put into practice is also a Right that has been set aside. No Islamic Terrorist should get away with threatening the power of free speech, especially in a land where freedom is still cherished by the majority of Americans.

Making a stand for that Right in the face of Islamic Radicals is what makes Pamela Geller a true hero. Standing up against the Muslim threats, bullying and intimidation, this is something that President Obama has yet to even try.

The new event will be held at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas on May 3, 2015. There will be a single winner who can earn $10,000 for their rendition of Mohammad, which is our way of telling the jihadists that we are not afraid, we are not intimidated. They cannot frighten us to the point of inaction, not here or anywhere else in the United States.

When Islamic radicals get incensed enough to kill people over a drawing, it goes to show that these militants aren't to be tolerated in and of themselves. It's purely ridiculous that any satire cartoon would be mistaken as an act of war. Something to be killed overt.

Knowing that Pamela Geller is going to make a laughing-stock out of Muslim radicals makes my day, and I hope it does that for you as well. It's about time Americans stepped up to the plate and did their civic duties, even when President Obama s out playing golf, putting our freedoms away one hole at a time.


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