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Listening to Dami Arno recount in detail her horrifying encounter with this apparently deranged woman sounds unbelievable, almost made-up, in that what rational individual would attack someone without provocation?

And then we remind ourselves what rational individual would blow themselves up in the hope of killing innocent people, or fly a jet airliner into a building or burn alive a pilot in a cage or behead a journalist?

And then this incident of this American family, in Lawrenceville Georgia simply becomes another horrific tale of combating the barbarians on American soil, and fighting to preserve our way of life.

The incident began as Arno was outside of her home near her garage spending a little time outdoors with her 14-year old daughter when suddenly; “A lady walked out of our woods in a full Burka, full attire, stares at us for a minute, then grabs my American flag off of my mailbox and charges towards us with it, just swinging it with all her might.“

Realizing that her young daughter was also in danger Arno did what any protective parent would do shield her daughter from the Islamic barbarian

“When she came charging, it was kinda like momma bear Instincts kicked in . She had to protect her children,” daughter Brittany Arno said.

The deranged woman has been identified as Amina Ahra, and she’s charged with two counts of simple battery, and apparently migrated from Africa.

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