How to rape a woman…for that matter how to rape a female of any age. This is a question only the devil-spawn of ISIS would ask. In their fatwa, established by the leaders of this sicko blood-cult, are the rules of engagement, meaning the rules of intercourse with a female captive.

This fatwa was recovered by our US Special Forces in May of this past year. The rules are pretty narrow in scope, and violently disgusting in all facets.

First, father and son can’t rape the same woman. Second, the owner of a slave mother and daughter pair can’t rape them both. Third, if there are “joint owners” of a sex slave they can’t rape her because she is community property.

In each case, there is no law against passing the sex slaves around among their freaky friends and watching the show. Guaranteed there is a fatwa our there somewhere with rules on how to rape men and little boys too.

This is the JV Team folks. These are the poor misunderstood peaceful tolerant people of Islam.

Where are the women’s’ right groups? In particular where is the National Organization for Women (NOW)? Where are the moderate Muslims in this country? Where is our media and their fight in the War on Women? If ever there was a cause for repression of women, violent acts against women, this is it.

Yet, they sit there silent. Where is Michelle “#Bringbackourgirls” Obama? This is a far better cause than school lunch menus.

Apparently, gang raping women and their daughters is something the moderate Muslims in the United States just peacefully tolerates and condones by default. It is something that NOW, the liberal media, and the FLOTUS completely ignores.

This is embarrassing for a country, such as ours, that preaches freedom and liberty, and fighting for democracy to allow this to happen. 

Shame on our president, his wife, NOW, the liberal media, and every single silent Muslim in this nation.

Source: CNS News


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