It is often said that converts to a religion or cause tend to be more devoted to its principles and quick to expose longtime members they believe have fallen away from the “true” faith, and if that is true, tens of thousands of Islamic State jihadists are living in fear thanks to a disillusioned Free Syrian Army convert.

The man, who identifies himself as Abu Hamed, was able to steal a thumb drive containing thousands of files maintained by the security arm of the Islamic State, described by insiders as the equivalent of the Nazi SS, and give the device to Sky News, who agreed to pass it on to authorities in Britain.

The information also reveals the bureaucratic nightmare of paperwork ISIS “applicants” must negotiate, including completion of a 23-page questionnaire detailing information about themselves and their families, in order to be accepted by the terror group.

As a result, the names, addresses, telephone numbers and contacts of tens of thousands from at least 51 countries are now accessible to authorities in the fight against ISIS.

Hamed says he stole the drive containing the information after he became disillusioned with ISIS leadership, because it has been co-opted by former soldiers of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party, and feels the Islamic rules he believed in so passionately when he converted have “collapsed.”

Although some of the people whose information is contained on the drive were already known to authorities, such as London rapper, 26-year-old Abdel Bary, many more, including those appearing on a separate “Martyrs” list, are important in tracking down jihadists and preventing attacks like those that occurred in Paris in November.

Disturbingly, the documents traced the volunteers through the Middle East to Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan, to the fight in Syria and then back to their respective homes without being checked, monitored or detained at any point.

Asked by Sky News if the information could help win the first against ISIS, Hamed is said to have replied, “God willing.”

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